The Dragon (Heroes Eventually Die) (Snippet)

by Pope Adrian Bless

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I was chillin in the stu last night (9/21/2012) with my brothers @The_Mandog & @JoeBlkMondayRWG working on #AM3 and i wanted to drop something over something. It didn't matter what it was annnnddd....this is what we came to lol #AM3 Jan. 15, 2013.


Verse 1: (20)
Live from the other side of celestial moon raising -
Free as a bird inside penitentiary cages - (pause)
Inebriated from the chalice of harmony
With political leadership in the palm of the napalm bombs sewn in my finger tips
Elementary stages turned my optical's to obstacles and patience - not a patriarch could train me
Every nigga wanna be me - manipulated verbatim cadence channeling channel orange through HD

Verse 2: (45)
My tongue could iron eugenics - my genes surpass denim
Coldest nigga in the tundra on ice mountain in Hell's Kitchen (pause)
Chemical imbalances - mythological improv built deep in my salivated warhols
Painted pictures in glass framed architecture - based on my age wisdom -
Idiosyncratic ridiculous crack pendulum rapper built through the gage of sage spitters with flames
Encompassed by every accolade - shadow box ox's with an option touchin the projects
Reimbursed to disperse progress - promise elite niggas we'll make it -
Pac died for me to be one of the greatest
At the same time - jumped off hand to be a slave
Silent rage infuriated by the intermediate medians of remedial geniuses by the digestive system
Weapon hit em - Appetite for destruction decapitated capacities full of casualties bashed with it

Verse 3: (1:30)
Young, poverty stricken who's body prolly in prison
With knowledge built from the congress of common sense when he kill it
Conglomerates full of christians with bible scriptures who blind to Jehovah Witness
They'll die with pretentious minds under ignorance
Under minded the visions of Horus under the pyramids
Illiads as the manual (fades)


released September 22, 2012




Pope Adrian Bless Indianapolis, Indiana

"If God had a stepson, I would be him" says the Indianapolis, IN (Crown Hill as he proclaims it) native of 23 years old, Pope Adrian Bless. Born and raised in Crown Hill, The Pope Adrian Bless has began to build his name in the realm of underground lyricism doubling as a poet and an emcee. ... more


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